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Between Amazon’s blitz into the grocery market and its fashion aspirations, you might have missed the browse juggernaut’s entry into the auto world.

Car retailers certainly haven’t. The company has already built a sizable business selling vehicle portions online, and it could have its sights set on auto services and even automobile marketings down the road.

Like most of Amazon’s programs, this is no small aspiration. Autoes and their upkeep are a bigger cash sink for the average American household than even groceries, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. While online sales still make up a comparatively small share of the overall auto proportions market, they’re growing at a much faster clip than traditional channels with a 16 percent expansion predicted this year, according to market research firm Hedges& Company.

Earlier this year, the New York Post reported that Amazon struck are dealing here with a host of new automobile portions dealers to expand its business.

Big chain auto shops may already be seeming the wring. Some analysts pointed an accusatory finger at the company earlier this month when companies like AutoZone and O’Reilly reported an abysmal sales one-quarter, though others blamed the weather.

Nicholas Farhi, an automotive services consultant at strategy firm OC& C, imagines vehicle mend could be Amazon’s next move. The company has already begun to offer various standard installations and fixings through its larger home and business service arm.

Yes, Amazon will install a roof rack for you, if “youre living in” a certain area.


“Amazon is likely to enter into car servicesannual maintenance, shattered windshields, substitution tires, etc.before sale of the car itself, ” Farhi said in an email. “The customer experience of buying automotive services is a mess, and the suppliers are fragmented.”

The value that Amazon can provide is clear. Order a auto battery replacement through the page and Amazon will simply send someone to your home to take care of it, your zip code is in the company’s coverage region. There’s likewise the option of taking it into a partner store. Battery replacement services have a 92 percent five-star rating on Amazon.

Amazon’s role in this space would get even bigger if Alexa get involved. Utilizing the voice deputy to set up automobile appointments with a simple verbal instruction would dedicate Amazon a lot of power with the companies and people who offer those services, Farhi said.

“The role of Alexa in this is interesting because the voice interface hands huge power to Amazon in selecting the supplier, ” he mentioned. “When you say: ‘Alexa, book my vehicle in for a service, ‘ Amazon can decide the optimum place, cost, hour, etc.”

That kind of integration may be a boon for big car stores that are organized and savvy enough to keep their availability electronically updated, Farhi told. But it may conversely hurt local mom and pop shops.

In any case, the company is already beginning to turn psyches in the industry.

“These periods, whenever I meet with car industry executives, I invariably get asked this one question ‘So, what is Amazons strategy in automotive? ‘” auto consultant Sarwant Singh wrote in a Forbes editorial last week.

Is there any consumer industry not asking that topic these days?

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