The wearable will vaporize you if it thinks you’re dozing off .

Image: steer

Forget guzzling down energy liquors and coffee to stay awake while driving, a new bangle has been designed to nudge you awake at the wheel. And by nudge we mean zap you with an electric shock.

Steer is a wearable that doesn’t perceptibly do much until “youre starting” getting sleepy. But the device is packed with 16 sensors that constantly measure the wearer’s heart rate and skin conductance according to the product’s Kickstarter page.

It compares these stats to your normal rates, and if it senses your heart rate lessening it sends you a warn with a strong vibration and flashing of yellow light. Reckon of it like a quick smacking reminding you to wake up.

If your heart rate retains dropping despite the warn, the machine will think you are about to fall asleep and will try and jolt you awake with an electric shock. It works in a similar way to the “shock clock” designed to get you up in the morning.

It’s like get slapped awake.

Image: steer

After you’re shocked, the designers mention, your serotonin, cortisol and other hormones will fluctuate and attain you feel more awake and your heart rate will return to normal.

This is when you should probably hand over the wheel, draw over, or find somewhere to actually get some sleep. But if this works like it says it will, it should buy you some time to get off the road safely.

If you start nodding off you get a shock.

Image: steer

The Kickstarter, based out of Riga, Latvia, launched this week to get the wearable on the road. The tech company says the machine will be about $100 and it should be available starting in November.

It’s already reached its fundraising goal, but the trick is likely to be getting people to wear the machine when they are buckle up. Steer creator Vlad Ilyin seems to think the wearable will “kill drowsiness” and attain driving safer. “[ Steer] can save thousands of lives on the road and reduce accidents related to drivers’ drowsiness, ” he said in an email.

The maybe of a jolt to the system seems like reason enough make sure you get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel.

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