Your iPhone’s future wireless charger could add Siri .

Image: lili sams/ mashable

Apple is rumored to finally bring wireless accusing to the iPhone later this year with the deluxe iPhone 8, so we might be getting some new accessories to go along with it.

The company will likely depend on the Qi inductive criterion for the new feature, dedicated its membership in the Wireless Power Consortium, which intends Apple will need to create a new pad-like device to provide the power but we don’t know much about the machines that will provide the juice.

How about a Siri-powered wireless charging dock, like one of those old-school iHome clock radios on steroids? If a patent Apple was lately awarded is any indication, a product with some of those features could be coming sometime in the future.

The patent, which was spotted by The Verge , describes various designs for a device that could serve as a dock for “a portable electronic device”( an iPhone, plainly) outfitted with microphones, processors, and wireless energy transfer abilities in some iterations.

Image: uspto

Siri integration is also outlined in the patent, although it’s was regarded as being “a voice acceptance mode of the portable electronic machine, ” rather than a built-in feature of the dock. The filing dates back to 2012, long before the smart speakers and IoT gadgets that are commonly found in our homes now, so it’s not outlandish to think that Apple could throw Siri immediately into the dock given today’s trends.

A wireless charging, Siri-connected smart dock could be more appealing to consumers than Apple’s upcoming HomePod, insurance premiums $349 Siri speaker falling in December to take on Amazon Echo and Google Home. Apple CEO Tim Cook believes the HomePod’s superior sound will be enough to lure Apple fans to expend some extra money to “rock the house, ” but utility will more likely win the smart speaker conflicts so this is a design that I, for one, would love to see make its behavior from notion to reality.

There’s no way to know if that’ll happen, though. This is just a patent, so Apple might not actually be working on the design, or if the iPhone 8 will have wireless charge, or if there will even be an iPhone 8 at all( there will be ). Here’s to hoping.

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