Former Vice President Al Gore says he’s given up said he hoped that President Donald Trump will act on key climate issues.

Gore recounted to “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert his optimism after his meeting with Trump to discuss climate change and the landmark Paris Accord. Trump had promised supporters during the campaign that he would pull out of such arrangements, arguing it was a “bad deal.”

” I went to Trump Tower after the election ,” told Gore, who was on the reveal to promote his new movie,” An Inconvenient Sequel: Fact to Power .”” I thought that there was a chance he would come to his senses. But I was wrong .”

Trump announced the United States’ withdrawal from such arrangements last month, a decision widely met with criticism from business leaders, fellow legislators and longtime U.S. allies. Mayors of 61 U.S. cities have since pledged to honor the Paris climate agreement.

Gore added he worried that Trump’s decision to exit the agreement would be ” disastrous ,” but he was excited by the response of political leaders in the U.S.

” A lot of our most important governors and mayors and business leaders told,’ We’re still in the Paris Agreement, and we’re going to meet the commitments of the country regardless of what Donald Trump tweets .'”

Watch the whole clip in the video above.

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