Tesla has added two new independent directors to its committee, including 21 st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch and Johnson Publishing Company CEO and Chairman Linda Johnson Rice. The two new board members were added only a few months after Tesla demonstrated it was seeking additional independent administrators without ties to CEO and founder Elon Musk.

Until now, Teslas board included five( of six total directors, prior to these additions) people with either personal or professional ties to Musk. A group of powerful investors in the company, including the California State Teachers Retirement System, issued a letter to the company in April asking for the addition of two new independent members without direct ties to Musk.

Musk told at the time that Tesla had already been planning to announce two new independent board members, ever since its acquisition of SolarCity, the solar power company founded by Musks cousins. Musk mentioned via Twitter in April that the activist stockholder group had nothing to do with the decision to appoint these directors.