Elon Musk is working hard to induce Tesla vehicles everybody is afford, but the only available versions of the tech-centric electric vehicle are still too pricey for some of us but not in augmented reality!

That’s what one Norway-based 3D decorator decided when he employed Apple’s new ARKit to create his own augmented reality version of the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Posting a video of the ARKit-created app on Twitter on Saturday, inventor Jelmer Verhoog show off how it allows you to choose the color of your Model 3 while seeing how it appears in your own driveway.

In addition to coloring options, the app likewise allows you to turn the vehicle’s lights on, and even drive it a few feet, giving you a full sense of what a Model 3 might look like if you buy the $35,000 vehicle set to made streets in 2018. From every angle, the AR version of the Model 3 appears improbably realistic.

At the end of the demo video, Verhoog says he’s looking for permission from Musk or Tesla before launching the app for iOS 11. But whatever the fate of this Tesla-focused app turns out to be, this is one of the best examples of the potential of ARKit in the coming months and years for both developers and major brands.

The ARKit-friendly iOS 11 was formally launch this autumn, but the public beta is available now for anyone to try.

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