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No matter how handy you are, your home repairs and DIY projects can come to a standstill when theres an issue where hands and eyes cant reach.

Since diminishing yourself down to microscopic size isnt the best notion( discover: Honey I Diminish the Kids or that episode of Rick and Morty ), your best bet may just be this WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera. It is very easy to undertaking into the micro world and remove the guesswork that might otherwise beset your projects.

This IP6 7 waterproofed snaking camera is 40 inches long, so you can feed it into a clogged drain, a malfunctioning Xbox, or any other region that would normally be off-limits to criterion tools. Its two-megapixel lens and eight-way adjustable LED light will deliver crystal-clear live video to your mobile device or computer via WiFi, so you can plumb the murky depths and pinpoint problems from a safe distance.

It can even be hidden in a discreet location to provide reliable security footage if you have valuables that need guarding.Today’s special advertising brings this $49.99 gadget down to $32.99 a 34 percentage discount.

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