Welcome to the big chamber .

Image: Netflix

Netflix has never been on the big Hall H stage at Comic-Con, but then again, they’ve never had anything quite like Stranger Things .

The streaming phenom first came to Netflix on July 15 last year, merely a week before the annual nerd pilgrimage got underway. The buzz that’s induced the show such a hit was just building steam then and certainly not in time to make it Hall H-worthy.

Well Hall H, prepare to go upside-down: With a year under its belt and a new season right around the corner, Netflix is moving into the big kids’ chamber, the 6,000 -seat monolith where so many Comic-Con legends were born.

Hall H sets the h in “goes hard.”

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Netflix has certainly been in San Diego for Comic-Con in years past, with their Marvel demonstrates Luke Cage and The Defenders but those were in the smaller dorms upstairs, in conjunction with the Marvel TV panels. The migration downstairs is all part of the massive influx of TV into Comic-Con, and those indicates and networks have a lot more chamber working in cooperation with in Hall H now, as pirates continue to frighten away the major film studios .

As the film studios’ presence has diminished, TV is taking over

(< em> Mashable has learned that Paramount, Sony and Universal/ Legendary will once again not host Hall H panels this year, while Fox’s schemes is still not clear. Definitely on board: Warner Bros. and Marvel, the only two major film studios to present in 2016 .)

As the film studios’ presence has dwindled, Tv and streaming is taking over. Game of Thrones moved here to H a few years ago, and others( The Walking Dead ) have followed suit.

Netflix original cinemas Bright ( from Suicide Squad administrator David Ayer) and Japanese manga adaptation Death Note are having an afternoon Hall H panel on Thursday, a slot that would’ve hosted the likes of Paramount or Universal in years past.( Later that night, Netflix will host a “surprise screening” of “an upcoming original film” at the Horton Grand Theater gee, which one could it be ?)

Stranger Things gets its turn with its very own Hall H panel on Saturday at 3 p. m ., an interesting selection, since that falls immediately between when Warner Bros.( who’s surely going to be there) and Marvel/ Disney( who have confirmed a Hall H panel) typically go head-to head.

What’s more, Netflix will likewise host a convention-floor booth through the entire weekend, described as an “interactive brand experience where[ fans] is likely to be surrounded by 360 Degrees of Netflix originals.” And if that’s not sufficient, Netflix is also making “The Netflix Experience” at the Hilton Gaslamp, where devotees will get even more sneak-peeks and swag.

Jeez, and we belief streaming was taking over Sundance .Looks like Comic-Con is the next beachhead.

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