Ah, the magical tints of wireless accusing .


Wireless charging is undoubtedly one of the most exciting, hyped-up features expected to debut with the iPhone 8 afterwards this year.

The wireless charging capability will likely come via the inductive Qi criterion, which entails the phone will require some shape of power mat. So, we have a good guess at what the new wireless accuse will seem like but what will it voiced like?

The answer to that topic might just be hidden deep down in iOS 11. An audio file of a new charge tone surfaced from a beta version of the upcoming OS after it was posted to YouTube and spotted by MacRumors . The tone gives our ears a sweet preview of what they might be treated to every time we put our iPhones down on the new inductive power mats, leaving our Lightning cords in the past.

The short video plays two music files. The first, “connect_power.caf, ” which is the familiar ping you hear every time you plug your phone into a Lightning cable. Standard stuff.

The second voice, “engage_power.caf, ” change anything exclusively. It’s a clearer, more extended noise, devoting off sort of a compressed THX sound vibe.

Introducing a new tone could be a good suggestion for Apple. Consumers with wireless accusing get the extra reassurance that their machine is powering up, and the company can lay claim to a new iconic audio within our collective audio consciousness, joining its default ringtone and text tones.

Wireless charging isn’t the only new power-centric feature slated for the next-gen iPhone. Reports also claim the flagship machine might have a bigger battery than its predecessors, which could help widen life between power ups, as well as new USB-C Power Delivery chips for lightning-fast charging when you’re utilizing the Lightning cord.

None of these features are supported, however, and there are other unused tones in the annals of iOS 11 that may or may not making such a lane into use. We won’t know for certain what will come with the iPhone 8 or everything about the final version of iOS 11, either until Apple finally unveils its latest and greatest hardware and software later this year.

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