The This is England actor is back as the alcoholic vampire Cassidy in the second series of Seth Rogens comic-book adaptation. He talks to Lanre Bakare

Hey Joe, how are you ?

Im hungover, man.

Oh dear. How come ?

We had the premiere for the second season of Preacher last nighttime, and we went to do the party afterwards.

Did you overdo it?

Youve got to watch yourself a bit. A lot of the people who are watching you are exec. That tell me anything, the execs on this job are cool, theyre not dickheads at all. I honestly thought to ascend to a position like that you had to be a bit of a psychopath, but theyre definitely not. Theyre some of the most genuinely lovely people.

Speaking of lovely people: what did you say when your agent asked if you wanted to play an alcoholic Irish vampire called Cassidy ?

I didnt want to do it. I didnt tell this story originally, I made a tale up and said Id been on my mountain bike, and I wasnt at all. I belief Ill simply switch on my phone on and see if anyone has died. The telephone resound when I switched it on, and it was my agent. She told: Do you want to be a vampire? I mentioned: Do I fuck. I dont want to be a sexy vampire I simply immediately envisioned Twilight. Eyeliner, pale, handsome people. I thought: I cant pull this off.

What attained you change your brain ?

She mentioned it was a Seth Rogen thing, and I recollect guessing: I know that epithet. I told: Whos that? She mentioned: You know who Seth Rogen is, you dickhead. Hes done all these massive movies. She reminded me of all the different projects hes been in, and I belief: I know who that guy is. They sent me the script and it was insane, and I remember reading it with my mum.

Is it true-life you were living in a basement at that point?

I had to do a FaceTime with Seth, Evan[ Goldberg] and Sam[ Catlin ], and being in my room I lived in an attic I only remember sitting in this attic and ensure Seth for this first time, with all this whisker.[ Becomes to publicist] What do you call it? A Jewfro?

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy. Photograph: Marco Grob/ AMC

Did you like comics as a kid ?

No. I was never a comic-book fan, but I enjoyed cartoons. I dont enjoy reading: for me its hard work. I remember “ve been with” my mum eating marmalade on toast watching Inspector Gadget, Sharky and George, The Pink Panther and Thundercats, material like that. Those were the days no idea how brutal “the worlds” is. No idea its about to turd all over you. Another few years from now its going downhill.

What do you think Eli Dingle would do if he was confronted by the Saint of Killers?

Hed shit himself and run away. Theres no way Eli would engage with that guy. Hes savvy. You wouldnt find him anywhere near the Saint of Killers. Hed make it his business to avoid him. Hes hood ready, man.

Can Americans understand you ?

People dont understand me, and sometimes theyre a little bit when I say intimidated I dont mean theyre frightened of me theyve simply never heard it like that before. I have to slow down for some people. In Louisiana people didnt have a clue what I was talking about. I recollect reading people glaze over. Insuring the moment where theyve just completely lost all They just wait for me to stop talking and then mention: Yeah.

Is it true that you once wet yourself in order to complete a scene for Preacher ?

Yeah. They delved a hole in the wilderness and the idea was that theyd set me in it and embrace me in guts and a fake arm. I said to them, Im going to need a piss when you get me in here. I just know my mind isnt going to allow me to be comfortable in this. So I get in the hole and I mentioned, I truly need to peeing and Seth said, Youre just going to have to do it. And there I was trying to maintain eye contact with all these developed boys while I pissed myself in the middle of the desert.

Is that the worst experience you had while filming?

There are beings in Louisiana that merely come at night when you cant defend yourself. Im looking forward to being able to set my leg out of the sheets and not have that instant when you know youre going to have your leg bitten.

Back in England youd just have to worry about a midge bite.

Id welcome a midge. The creatures out there are massive. Theyre so big they have intelligence some of them they want to know what you are.

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Ruth Negga as Tulip OHare. Photograph: Lewis Jacobs/ Sony Pictures Telev

How come you dislike mobile phones and technology so much ?

I hate having a phone. After all this is done, Ill go back to living in a derelict house in the timbers. Ill stop shaving and cutting my mane and stuff and only sit in the arse aim of nowhere in a ton of decorator gear that Ive bought in LA or just a pair of Cazal tints on.

Strong appear, but doesnt it cause difficulties in your line of work ?

I recollect being on this movie once, and people said youre not on Instagram or Facebook whats your deal? They said in this industry, if you want to do well people want to invest in whom you. I mentioned Im relevant actors , not a celebrity they watch my acting and hopefully thats enough. They told, Whos your favorite performer? I told, Daniel Day-Lewis, and they said, Lets check him out. He wasnt on there. He doesnt do any social media.

While filming the first season of Preacher you accidentally hit a few cast members while shooting fight scenes. Have you cut that out now ?

Ive not had many this year. Im not sure if its a response to me thumping them up last year. I dedicated Anatol[ Yusef] a straight cross on the bridge of the nose. I dedicated Dominic[ Cooper] a black eye last year. I hit him with a real burn extinguisher. He went Fucking inferno, dude, and I told, Dont be so dramatic its a rubber fire extinguisher and it wasnt. Id simply clouted him round the psyche with a metal bar, basically.

Thats method Daniel Day-Lewis would have appreciated that .

Very method. I did him a favor. I tell you what, since reaching him round the psyche with that extinguisher I think hes improved a great deal. On and off camera, hes a lot nicer. Hes welcome.

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