We here at The Internet have suffered a lot of collective heartache, often at the hands of television or streaming, and none bites quiet so virulently as the senseless death of Barbara Holland on Stranger Things .

Sadly, Barb is still not coming back.

Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday that there will be no Barb resurrection in Season 2, which, to be clear, is not news but sometimes we need to be told.

“People still guess Barb’s alive, ” an exasperated Levy said on Facebook Live. “You think you want that, but you wouldn’t truly want that.”

Levy used to say Hollywood -Alisters have approached him at awardings displays trying to weasel out sneaky tidbits about Barb.

“She had like a beast slug-worm-snake coming out of her mouth, ” he added toward the end of the video. “I don’t know that there’s a bounce back from that.”

Forgotten by her town, abandoned by a best friend who just wanted to bone the young Jean-Ralphio, Barb deserved better than being dragged to the Upside down and having the life sucked out of her by a Demogorgon.

Mashable reported as recently as June 6 that Barb will not be resurrected, but hope is all we have in this dumpster of a world. We pondered about her in March, we mourned her in April, and even right after Season 1 we couldn’t stop thinking about the horrible injustices that could still befall her immortal soul.

But she is dead.

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Even Melisandre can’t bring a girl back from that. It’s time we moved on and let Barb ultimately get some damn peace.

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