Image: funko

Since you’ve already binged Stranger Things twice, and played the VR play, the only thing turn left do is to start attaining up your own narratives utilizing the new Stranger Things activity figures.

Funko unveiled six official, Netflix-approved act figures for characters from the show including Eleven, Lucas, Mike, Will, Dustin, and the Demogorgon.

Image: FUNKO

All clad in the outfits they wear in the series, the ‘8 0s-themed action figures even sport the Adidas and Puma gear seen in the display. But aside from retro manner, one particular branding addition will stand out for hardcore devotees: Eggo waffles.

Image: funko

That’s right, the Eleven action figure comes with an actual Eggo waffle and branded container. Eleven even has a perma-stain of blood near her snout and a menacing hand gesture pose, for when you need to stage a scene of Eleven activating her telekinetic powers.

The set of activity figures will be available in August, plenty of period before the Oct. 31 return of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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