Tim Cook is ready to stone the house, y’all .

Image: Eric Risberg/ AP/ REX/ Shutterstock

Get excited, y’all! Apple CEO Tim Cook’s ready for a party guaranteed to “rock the house, ” and all you need to do to get an invite is drop $350 on Apple’s new hyped-up HomePod speaker.

Cook is amped about his company’s latest gadget, and he continued singing its kudoes in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek . The Siri-powered speaker is an enigma in the Echo-dominated smart-alecky assistant hub market, since Amazon’s speakers emphasize AI utility over sound quality.

When Cook was asked about the HomePod’s much-ballyhooed price it’ll cost over $100 more than even Amazon’s upcoming Echo Show, which has a touchscreen he shrugged off any concerns that consumers will be scared away and fell back on Apple’s greatest makes 😛 TAGEND

If you recollect when the iPod was introduced, a lot of people said, Why would anybody pay $399 for an MP3 player? And when iPhone was announced, it was, Is anybody gonna paywhatever it was at that timefor an iPhone? The iPad went through the same thing. We have a pretty good track record of devoting people something that they may not to understand that they wanted.

OK, that’s carnival. Apple’s premium products fly off the shelves, even at significantly higher costs than competitors. But the HomePod isn’t a paradigm switching like the iPhone, and it doesn’t come along with a game-changing piece of software like iTunes. It’s a brick that sits in your living rooom.

HomePod isn’t a paradigm shift like the iPhone.

The real reason Cook supposes the HomePod will resonate with Apple devotees everywhere is because of our demand, nay, our require , for the highest possible music for our tunes.

“When I was growing up, audio was No. 1 on the listing of things that you had to have, ” he mentioned. “You were jammin out on your stereo. Audio is still really important in all age groups , not just for kids. Were hitting on something people will be delighted with. Its gonna blow them away. Its gonna stone the house.”

Sure, the super-expensive Echo knockoff Siri hub might look like a Mac Pro wearing stockings, but that voiced , y’all .

The way I see it, Cook’s guaranteeing “states parties ” for everyone who picks up a HomePod. I’m holding him to it … just as long as we jam out to those rockin’ tunes together, just like this.

Who knows? Perhaps we’ll have such a wild period enjoying the tunes that Cook will finally violate and tell me about those damn Apple Watch sales numbers. Here’s to hoping.

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