The Model X posted the highest crash exam ratings ever for an SUV .

Image: Tesla

Tesla loves to tout its cars’ security features as the best in the sector and now, another of its vehicles has the ratings to back it up.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration( NHTSA) lately devoted the Model X perfect safety scores across the board after putting the SUV through its vaunted five-star crash testing program. The ratings are the highest ever for an SUV, according to Tesla, which trumpeted the news in a blog post.

The ratings confirm Tesla’s safety claims and devote even more weight to anecdotes about drivers walking away from potentially deadly accidents, like the viral account of the groom who wrote a heartfelt note to thank Elon Musk and company after living a nasty crash in a rented Model X on the eve of his wedding.

Tesla said the Model X performed so well in the accident tests because of its electric intend. Since the battery pack is mounted under the SUV’s floor, the Model X has lower center of gravity and therefore, Tesla says, is less prone to rollovers than other vehicles in its class, which are front-loaded with heavier gas-guzzling engines.

The tests also found that the Model X the lowest probability of trauma of any SUV ever tested, estimating that tenants have an overall 93 percentage possibility of surviving a serious accident without major injury. The Model X’s probability of injuring rating was second to only one other vehicle across all other classes of NHTSA tests: Tesla’s Model S.

The electric sedan also posted perfect crash exam scores back in 2013, even outstripping the scale with a record 5.4 combined suns but those security ratings aren’t free of disagreement. The NHTSA looked into a series of customer complaints about the car’s suspension last summertime, and its Autopilot semi-autonomous driving engineering, which was itself the subject of an NHTSA probe after a deadly collision, has given some experts cause for concern.

The Model X isn’t totally perfect, either; some of the SUVs were remembered after such issues was find with the electronic parking brake, and Tesla recently issued over-the-air software updates to patch a problem with the passenger side airbags in right-hand drive models.

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