Among other things, Game of Thrones exists to remind ourselves that even when you’re constantly in danger of being slaughtered, you shouldn’t compromise your commitment to manner. There’s rarely a fatality on the been demonstrated that doesn’t ruin decorator duds that are the bitternes of everyone from Braavos to Winterfell, and Season 7 is no exception.

As new photos surface from Season 7, it’s evident that Game of Thrones maintains upping the bet in the costume intend department. Let’s take a closer look.

In a behind-the-scenes video from Season 7, costume designer Michelle Clapton talks about the importance of costumes in driving the Game of Thrones narrative.

“I like the fact that “youre using” costumes to tell a story and to create character, ” Clapton says in the video.

Now that it’s officially winter our characters have to suit up, and boy do they induce us miss the cold.

1. Jon Snow

Don’t even get me STARTED on Sansa.

Image: hbo

He’s always been a winter child, but the resurrected Night’s Watch commander ain’t get hour for feeling cold as the “great war” begins. He’s more bundled up than ever and even his fur seems more elaborated( you’re not wearing your bird-dog, are you Jon ?). After all, the new King in the North has to look the part of a leader, and no steward’s cape will give you that.

2. Daenerys Targaryen

Brooches depicting a home sigil or deadly pet are the perfect accent on a statement dress.

Image: hbo

She may not be queen of Westeros( yet ), but can we say her the queen of Westerosi fashion? Daenerys has been murdering video games since well, since she was widowed and abandoned by her Khalasar, but LET’S FOCUS. Now that she’s in a less-than-warm climate for the first time in for-fucking-ever, Dany gets to show off her cold climate weaves, which include fabulous sleeve sewing and shoulder pads to die for( someone probably did !).


Image: hbo

Look closely at the shoulder and sleeves of that last one, which contain intricate work for no effing reason . Clapton is a hero, and I’m out here wearing the same Burlington Coat Factory number for three winters straight with mismatched gloves from Target( why toss out one simply because you lost the other ?).

3. Cersei Lannister

Match with bae!

Image: hbo

Cersei had a real style awakening when the Septa Unella hacked off her logo blonde locks before slut-shaming her in the streets( #tbt ). Hundreds of people paid for that haircut with their lives, and now she’s embracing the brand of mournful murderess. Full sleeves and high collars are in this winter in Westeros, especially with gray and black ensembles. Accessorize with a sword sheath and golden hand, like Jaime, or with a glass of wine, which matches any ensemble.

We’d like to think that if any of these characters do gratify in Season 7, they’ll pause for a moment of reciprocal respect for each other’s style options and know that no matter who sits on the Iron Throne, the future of the 7 kingdoms’ style is in good hands.

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