This summer, the streets are bound to overflow with 19 -year-old mallrats in camo-print sports bras and matching sweats. But when your niece shows up to the family barbecue in deep inappropriate, cleavage-baring duds, who will you have to thank for it? That’s the question Kardashian devotees and tendency watchers have been wondering ever since Kylie Jenner–Kendall Jenner’s sister became makeup mogul–was publicly dragged for ripping off a black girl designer last week.

The kontroversy kicked off when the pint-size Kim Kardashian impersonator launched a new line of camo-print merchandise on her website, The Kylie Shop. For some context, Kylie Jenner isn’t your average celebrity, which means that her online merch store isn’t just shilling half-off American Apparel T-shirts. Jenner is an unbelievably influential trendsetter whose makeup products, corset dresses, and bikinis regularly sell up within minutes. Any girl who’s ever applied the Snapchat puppy result has probably bought at the least one Kylie lip kit, which induces her a highly successful businesswoman. But while Jenner’s entrepreneurial spirit and her eye for matte gloss that will really help you stand out during sorority hurry-up are undeniable, her originality has long been up for debate. Watch, the Kardashians aren’t designers so much as “they il be” curators–which becomes an issue when fans start to wonder if they’re creating tendencies or just co-opting them.

Designer Tizita Balemlay of PluggedNYC is putting her foot down with Jenner’s new collection, lest any well-meaning style blog declares that Kylie” fabricated camo .” PluggedNYC has been selling camo fixeds that look eerily similar to Jenner’s for a while now. Even more damning, Jenner actually has a relationship with Balemlay–meaning that she went a step further than just ripping off a random designer that she found on her Instagram explore page.

According to screenshots that Balemlay shared on social media, Jenner has been a longtime fan of her designs, which she has been spotted modeling on multiple occasions. Balemlay also alleges that Kylie was the first person to receive PluggedNYC’s camo define where reference is originally launched around Memorial Day of this year. While the designer was initially “so excited” to work with Jenner and her stylist, the relationship naturally soured once Jenner started promoting her own line of derivative duds.

Balemlay opposed back by posting an Instagram with side-by-side images of her own project and Kylie’s offerings, captioned,” When you really Pablo … I am the influence* falls mic. Copy& Paste down to the shoes I used on my frameworks

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