1) The Tesla Killer Isn’t What You Imagine It Is

The electric car seems to be on an unstoppable trajectory. In the past five years, the number of electric cars on the road worldwide has soared to 2 million from basically nothing, the International Energy Agency said this week. But one nation is indicating there’s a way to halt their popularity: Stop paying people to buy one. Electric-car marketings in Denmark fell more than 60 percent in the first quarter after the governmental forces announced that tax breaks “wouldve been” phased out. Tesla’s Elon Musk had traveled to Copenhagen and lobbied against the cuts, and now the Danish government has extended the tax breaks but still intends to reduce or eliminate various incentives. The phase-out plan” entirely killed the market ,” said Laerke Flader, head of the Danish Electric Car Alliance.” Price truly matters .”

2) Trump Keeps Blowing His Own Deadlines

Bloomberg’s Toluse Olorunnipa has noticed something peculiar. In President Donald Trump’s world, everything is about to happen in two or three weeks.” The president has use two-week timelines to sidestep questions from reporters or brag to CEOs at the White House ,” Olorunnipa wrote.” But his pronouncements have also flummoxed investors, Congress and occasionally even members of his personnel .” A few instances 😛 TAGEND

Feb. 9: Trump says his tax modernize scheme will be announced in” the next 2 or three weeks .” A one-page outline was published 11 weeks later.

March 15: Trump tells Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that” some very interesting items” will come out “over the next two weeks” to support his claim that former President obama wiretapped Trump Tower, but no proof has come out.

April 5: Trump tells the New York Times he’ll announce “in two weeks” something about laborers’ wages on federally funded infrastructure projects. Nothing has come out.

April 29: Trump says he will file a$ 1 trillion infrastructure program” in the course of the coming two or three weeks–maybe sooner .” Nothing yet.

May 21: Trump promises a news conference” in about two weeks” about progression opposing ISIS. Nothing yet.


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