Magikarp, the most useless Pokmon ever, is the starring of a brand new Pokmon mobile play: Magikarp Jump .

Magikarp Jump , liberated yesterday on iOS and Google Play, is an issue of catching Magikarp, teaching them to jump as high as is practicable, and competing against other Magikarp in hopping tournaments. That’s pretty much all this dopey-looking fish-mon can do.

Such a sense of accomplishment.

Image: The Pokmon Company

Instead of run down and catching Pokmon with Pokballs in traditional Pokmon fashion, you reel in Magikarp with a fishing rod to take them under your wing. The goal is to teach your trusty Magikarp enough through feeding and exercise sessions to compete in Magikarp hopping leagues.

The gameplay isn’t anything amazing you tap on meat that swims in your Magikarp’s pond and occasionally interact with other Pokmon who give you either hopping power( JP) or useful items. The training sessions are not interactive.

All you have to do is accrue more hopping power than your adversary to make it through the eight leagues of video games. If you don’t have enough hopping power, you just have to keep tapping meat and going through more training sessions.

The depth of video games pretty much lines up with how deep Magikarp is as a Pokmon: aka vastly shallow.

Image: the pokmon company

On the positive side of things, the music in video games is reminiscent of main series Pokmon plays super upbeat and pleasant. The writing in video games is pretty funny, too, and isn’t afraid to jab at the lowly status of Magikarp.

In fact, one item in video games opens up this hilarious YouTube video 😛 TAGEND

The more you play, the better Magikarp you are able to fish up. Some Magikarp have unique properties that let them level up faster and some have cool cosmetic patterns.

Once you boil it down though, Magikarp Jump isn’t especially engaging or exciting. It’s basically a Pokmon version of Tamagotchi, except your Magikarp retire after finishing a league or make level 20, so don’t get too attached.

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