You dog, gone, done it again, Gaga.

Just when youre like, Theres nothing Lady Gaga can wear that will surprise me. Id know it was her even if she wore a black hole from outer space as a dress. Ill ensure her going a couple miles out, TRY ME !, she goes and dyes her mane bright orange.

And wouldnt you know it? No one can recognize her.

Sure, out of all of Queen Monsters fashion decisions, dying her mane is arguably one of her more tame moves, but it also weirdly builds her look more different than she ever has before.

I mean, look at her. Lady Gagas hair is literally orange.

She is serving us some serious something. Not quite Julianne Moore, and not quite fire truck either.

We should note, these photos were taken on decide of the remake film and for those reasons we cant truly predict how long the seem is going to stick around.

But for now, I AM INTO IT, GAGA.

More than I was into the egg thing

Getty Images

Like, IS this even fashion? Or merely a weird mode of transportation?

Or the infamous meat dress

Getty Images

Which I feel like I can smell every time I look at it.

Or whatever this was about.

Getty Images

Thought, TBH, I am various kinds of impression/ relating to/ loving this idea.

A head made out of blooms ?! TWO PLEASE!

In the film , Gaga plays a vocalist( previously played by Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand, respectively) who falls in love with an aging rockstar as her career is taking off. That aging rockstar will be played by Bradley Cooper like, duh who is in the middle of his own professionaldownward spiral.

We is simply assume drama ensues.

For now, come for the Gaga, bide for the Bradley and rock the latest mane trend, FIRE!

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