We ultimately gratified the new batch of guyswho will be providing us with all the drama and scandals we could ever crave this season of

Oh yeah, and I guess theres going to be romance too I forgot about that portion. But one interesting part of the casting reveal was how many times a certain megastar celebrity name seems to pop up.

A hefty glob of the new casting mentioned Dwayne The Rock Johnson in their bios. Like, a really noticeable amount of them did, actually. It is just like Rachel Lindsay is getting a crop of huge Rock fans to choose between.


Contestants Alex( depicted above ), Blake K, and Kenny all mention Dwayne Johnson as someone they admire in their bios.

Alex called The Rock is favorite artist, Kenny said he would love to get lunch with Johnson because he thinks they have a lot in common, and Blake K said he wants to be The Rock for a day because he appears cool wearing a fanny pack( OK ?).

With all this love for The Rock among the cast, maybe well get a cameo from “the mens” himself on the display? OK, likely not, but they could at least do some challenge inspired by or maybe.


Andtheres another hotshot who the contenders seem to love just as much as The Rock. Three of the new humen( DeMario, Kenny, and Michael) also sang the kudoes of Denzel Washington in their bios.

Other big names who showed more than once in the bios include Elon Musk and Will Smith. And on that last one, it was kind of strange for me to see two different contenders list Smiths movie as one of their favorite movies. Like its penalty, but favorite? Truly?

The new season of premieres this Monday evening on ABC.

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