One of the companys houses will host Marys Place, a Seattle homeless shelter but not everyone in the US is happy at the prospect of one next door to them

Until last week, the most famous building at the Amazon headquarters in Seattle was probably its giant glass-covered domes, which will mansion a botanical garden when complete. That may be altered with the companys proclamation that in three years one of its houses will host a homeless shelter, Marys Place. Amazon employees and Marys Place residents will move in together in early 2020, CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement.

Outside in America

The national conversation about homelessness this month has been inflected by talk of big new programmes such as shelters, and predictably not everyone is happy at the prospect of one next door. Salt Lake City residents, for example, ought to have embroiled in a acrimonious debate over the location of three new ones. San Francisco, meanwhile, is celebrating a $100 m pledge to combat chronic homelessness, and one of its own shelters is enjoying a surprisingly positive reception.

I actually am a Yimby, a San Francisco resident named Mc Allen told me recently, the Yes In My Back Yard moniker signifying a development-friendly stance.( His first name, by the way, is pronounced Mac ). Allen was referring to a shelter that is due to be built in the citys bayside Dogpatch neighborhood, where he lives, and where members of a local neighborhood association voted 24 -6 in favor of it. You have to be utterly blind not were told that San Francisco is a long, long way from gratifying its responsibility for people who are experiencing homelessness, he said. Greeting the shelter is his lane of contributing. On this, at the least, he might agree with Amazon.

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