Increasing rivalry from Microsoft and declining iPad marketings are putting Apple in unfamiliar region, and it seems theCupertino giant hasno plans to sit back and watchits laptopmarket share followed up with decline.

Apple will reportedly liberated three new laptops at its annual developers seminar next month, according to a report from Bloomberg that quotes people familiar with the issues. Its unlikely Apple will follow Microsoft and reveal an entirely new modeling, but expect existing simulates to be upgraded with new internals.

The 12 -inch MacBook could start shipping with a new Intel processor. As Business Insider points out, one major complaint about the MacBook is that it is optimized for battery life , not performance. Apple may choose to liberate a new modeling with a more powerful version of Intels Kaby Lake processors.

An updatedversion of the new MacBook Pro is also expected to get Intels seventh-generation processors, which becomes available merely a few months after the new line was revealed.

The biggest amaze from the report is a refresh of the MacBook Air, historically the least expensive laptop in Apples lineup. Many guessed the new non-touch MacBook Pro would mark the death of the Air, which hasnt considered a design refresh in nearly seven years. But the Airs marketings remain surprisingly strong, according to an anonymous Bloomberg source.

This years WWDC conference will take place June 5-9 in San Jose. Apple might also disclose the latest version of iOS, which is expected to power its upcoming iPhone 8. A new version of MacOS could also be unveiled at the event.

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