Everyone’s excited by the new shape factor and advanced features the iPhone 8 will bring to the table, but a new research note from Simona Jankowski of Goldman Sachs( obtained by Business Insider) relays that upgrading to Apple’s next-gen iPhone won’t come cheap. Amid conflicting reports regarding the iPhone 8 cost phase, Jankowski writes that the base level iPhone 8 will cost $1,000. Notably, this jibe with previous rumors we’ve appreciated regarding Apple’s pricing plans.

The bump up in cost might seem jarring at first glance, yet it doesn’t seem unreasonable given the device’s advanced new design, larger display, and slew of new features. Accordingly, the BOM for the iPhone 8 will be significantly higher than any iPhone simulate liberated to date. Specifically, the entry-level iPhone 8 with 128 GB of storage is said to cost $1,000 while a simulate with 256 GB will cost $ 1,099. This makes the entry-level iPhone 8 upwards of $130 more expensive than Apple’s top of the line iPhone 7 Plus.

Breaking down the considerable increase in iPhone 8 ingredients, Jankowski’s research note relays the 5.8 -inch OLED display alone will add $35 to the asking price.

5.8 OLED screen( adds $35)

No bezel, all screen

3D sensing( adds $20)

Better, faster NAND/ DRAM memory( adds $16 to $29)

Capacity starting at 128 GB

A11 processor

No home button

Biometric authentication