Dont imagination a worm with your nigiri? Freezing or cooking the fish is the answer

Name : Sushi worms.

Age : Lets just say that, by the time you fulfill one, it will have been around the block a few times.

Appearance : Vermiculate.

What are we talking about ? The anisakid nematode, AKA the sushi worm.

A worm that enjoys sushi? How refined. Actually, its a worm that enjoys sushi lovers.

You signify it enjoys their company? After a way. Anisakis is a pelagic parasite known to explore a broad range of habitats, including shallow oceans, open ocean and Japanese restaurants.

How does it manage that? It is the beginning as an egg, spends some time as a free-swimming larva, and eventually get eaten by a crustacean.

The objective. Great story. Theres more. Anisakis lives, and when the crustacean is eaten by a fish, it burrows into the hosts gut wall. When that fish get eaten, the worm adopts the new host, running its route up the food chain and into your salmon sashimi.

Sorry, what? When humen feed raw fish, the parasite can come along for the ride, making an infection known as anisakiasis, with symptoms including belly suffering, puke, fever, and maybe anaphylaxis and death.

There seems to be a hoax. It is reminiscent of a hoax one that ran wild on the internet in 2014 and featured speckled x-rays, allegedly from a Chinese patient riddled with tapeworms he got from ingesting sashimi. That was fake news, but this, were told, is real news.

How do we know? The British Medical Journal simply reported a occurrence of a humankind in Lisbon who had recently eaten sushi and was found to have writhing anisakis larvae in his inflamed gut.

Eugh! How often does this sort of thing happen ? Its more common in Japan, but doctors alert that the wests love affair with sushi is leading to a rise in cases.

So we might all have these weird worms driving us around? Human are a dead-end host for anisakis; it cant live long in you.

What are we meant to do about it? The official advice is to freeze your fish for four periods before building sushi.

I cant “re supposed to” scheme that far ahead. Or you could just cook it.

Do say : Id like the mackerel sashimi please, well done.

Dont say : Waiter, my noodles are moving.

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