Rude as fucking!

Steve Harvey must really dislike his faculty. He hop-skip his own show’s wrapping party in Chicago Thursday night, with information sources saying it was because he didn’t want to speak to anyone. Damn!

An insider told Page Six 😛 TAGEND

“Steve is not going to his own wrapping party Thursday night … After that memo, he’d be stood on his own in the corner. He used to be such a nice guy.”

What a horrible behavior to sendoff your talk display after five seasons. You’d think he’d at least want to thank people for their hard work? He couldn’t even pretend to want to mingle with them!

Then again, it IS his fucking fault if nobody on the display wanted to have anything to do with him. That memo he sent was something else!

After not even apologizing for that letter basically telling everybody is not even induce eye contact with him, Steve sounds like kind of a douche.

Sorry not sorry!