The latest hysterium in tooth way( because that’s a thing) is here! Meet the tooth gem a jewel accessory that’s glued to the tooth with an adhesive.

The gems are taking the internet by cyclone because, you guessed it, a bunch of celebrity advocates are posting about it on Instagram. Everyone from Hailey Baldwin to pop vocalist Hasley have been sharing photos rocking the enamel bling.

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But this isn’t the first time the world has been graced by tooth gems. The accessory was likewise big in Europe in the ‘9 0s. This time around though , nobody can seem to agree on whether this is a triumphant return or whether the trend should stay in the past.

Those in favor of the tooth gem were aroused to see it coming back into way and ready to jump on the bandwagon.

Those opposed to the reemergence of the trend made some valid( and hilarious) points.

Only time will tell if the tooth gem hysterium will actually stick … or if it’ll fade just like it did in the ‘9 0s.

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