Theres another rumor swirling around the release of Apples iPhone 8 thatll perk your ears up, so make sure your AirPodsarent blasting Harry Stylestoo loudly.

If youre accustomedto walking around with your iPhone and its wired earphones, chances are youve gotten them tangled.

( Dont lie, weve all been there .)

Im willing to bet theyveended up in one huge knot at the bottom of your pouch, and youvegotten so disgusted after untangling them that you dont even want to listen toiTunes anymore.

We cant blame you. The battle is surely real, but guess what?

Apple might include AirPods with the release of theiPhone 8.


fantastic, right?( Find what I did there ?)

All the tangled hassles that come with your iPhone 7s wired EarPods will seem like a remote dreaming. However, if youve already bought a pair of AirPods, youll be pleased to find out Apple might provide you with another pair when you buy the iPhone 8.

Picture this: No chords , no hassle , no problem! Right?

Well, come to think of it, Mashable presents us with quite a few issues that might come along with including AirPods with the iPhone 8 orders.

For one, the AirPods are so popular on their own, theyve been delayed up to six weeks after customers place their orderings. for headphones!

Combined with the anticipation for the new, 10 th-anniversary editionof the iPhone, your gear might never make its behavior to you.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple analyst KGI Ming-Chi Kuo believesmass production of theOLED iPhone 8 will most likely be pushed to October or November( not September like we originally thought ).

So if we have a delayed phone and its delay accessories, you might as well simply set this on your 2018 Christmas list because Santa and his elves might not be able to provide for this years holiday season.

Also, lets not forget the AirPods are a whoppin $ 159. This will surely increase the price of the already expensive iPhone 8.

Of course, there are both pros and cons to this Apple news, but lets not forget you might tangle the EarPods, but you could quite easily lose the AirPods.

So yes, its definitely a glass half-empty, half-full various kinds of situation or iPhone half-charged, half-uncharged, if you will.

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