Elon Musk, the boring guy .

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There is gonna be a time in the future when everyone will be sick of “boring” puns in relation to Elon Musk’s new Boring Company. Alas, that time has not come yet.

And how are you able blame us, when what appears to be a huge boring machine simply appeared in SpaceX’s back yard with a big “The Boring Company” sign on it?

Multiple photos of the machine is available on social media Thursday, and though Musk himself keep silent, it’s quite obvious that we’ll soon be informed about The Boring Company’s next endeavors.

We’re not sure whether this is the same machine that Musk tweeted about in February, but it definitely looks like it’ll be used for tunneling of some sort.

The images likewise don’t tell us much about Musk’s plans for the vaguely defined Boring Company. In February, Musk reportedly wanted to excavate a passageway contributing from Crenshaw Boulevard to the SpaceX employee parking lot, in hope to speed up his( and other employees’) commute to work.

The things you see when you’re leaving study. #elon #spacex #tesla

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Musk has been busy lately( when isn’t he ). Besides helming Tesla and SpaceX, he announced the foundation of a new company called Neuralink, and it appears that The Boring Company is getting more serious as well.

Musk first tweeted about the Boring Company late last year, while stuck in traffic on his lane to work. What initially started as a gag promptly bloomed into a new business undertaking; but even Musk appears to be unsure where it’s heading.

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