The virtually year-old Apple store in San Francisco features the “Genius Grove” and open spaces to meet up .

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Apple is all about get Gen Z away from the food court and Starbucks counter and plugged into its stores.

In an interview with CBS earlier this week, Angela Ahrendts, the senior vice president of retail, explained how she wants young Apple fans to mention, “Meet me at Apple, ” instead of hanging out elsewhere, sipping on unicorn frappaccinos.

“A lot of the big online guys have said theyre opening storages. Amazons investing in stores. Googles investing in stores . … Starbucks figured it out, you are familiar with? Being a gathering place. Fulfill me at Starbucks, Ahrendts mentioned. Ive told the teams, Ill know weve done a really, really great task if the next generation, if Gen Z mentions, ‘Meet me at Apple. Did you read whats going on at Apple today?

To get those young customers, the redesigned storages are starting to serve as more than just personal computers shop, but a gathering place. In San Francisco, the “Genius Bar” has become the “Genius Grove, ” lined with plants and designed with open fulfill spaces( with access to chargers) to become more of a hangout spot.

Angela Ahrendts is the the senior vice president of retail and online storages at Apple. She’s all about building the storages a hangout spot.

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That’s the direction Apple is going with its stores.

“This is the largest product that Apple makes, ” Ahrendts told CBS. “So if you think of it, the hardware, which is the architecture of the storage. The software is what happens in the store…”

One of those software upgrades at 500 storages around the world is the newly announced “Today at Apple” educational program. That entails free workshops, classes and even performances.

Basically, Apple wants you to expend all your free time at its storages , no matter “if youre trying to” Gen Z, Y or X.

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