Smile for your fashion selfie
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How do I seem? Just ask Amazon’s new fashion-selfie-focused Amazon Echo Look.

Amazon quietly unveiled the new voice-activated, hands-free camera on Wednesday that it’s pitching as the first “artificially intelligent style assistant.”

Like other Echo devices, the Echo Look is voice-activated, powered by the Alexa digital assistant, and it does everything the present Alexa can do, including controlling other smart home devices and answering questions about the weather, news, and your schedule.

This Alexa, though, can also control the device’s integrated camera with, “Alexa, take a photo.” No more standing in front of the reflect and shooting a selfie or overextending your limb to capture an image of your blouse and skirt or pants and shirt. According to the Amazon’s video, you merely step back a few feet and tell Echo Look to take a full-length photo.

The 5-megapixel camera sits in the middle of a circular LED flash, and there’s depth-sensing to keep the subject in focus and let you blur the background for better fashion selfies. It’s pretty low-resolution, but Amazon says they optimized the camera so images can be shared easily and mailed speedily to Echo Look’s style checker.

Amazon Echo Look

Image: amazon

The viewfinder for your photos is your smartphone, where you ascertain the live position, take the snapshot or grab a short video( likewise with voice command) so you can see your fashion options from all sides. Naturally, you can share all these photos and video.

Amazon is also taking the whole fashion consultant thing a bit further, integrating machine learning and AI into the system with Style Check, so you can get feedback on your look without turning to your spouse, spouse or friends.

You merely have to try on two different outfits, or choose from previous getup selections, as long as they’re in the Echo Look system, and then let the app tell you which is a better look for you based on the AI, fashion trends and, according to Amazon, “what flatters you.”

Making fashion choices.

Image: amazon

How the AI can assess that last bit is unclear since charm is in the eye of the beholder.

Other features include a mic mute button, a base that mounts on a flat surface or a wall, a microphone array, and a speaker.

People already take billions of selfies each year, and the online fashion industry is exploding as well. This is a smart play to put Amazon firmly at the centre of all of it, specially since Amazon already sells a fair sum of fashion on its website. It’s likely only a matter of day before Amazon Echo Look is not only assessing your look, but recommending brand new fashion options,

At $ 199.99, the Amazon Echo Look, which is now available by invitation only, is one of the more expensive Echo devices. The cheapest one is the tiny, $50 Echo Dot.

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