( CNN) In the last several weeks, two events demanded “members attention” of space enthusiasts. On March 30, entrepreneur Elon Musk’s Space X corporation successfully reused a previously winged rocket to launch a communication spacecraft into space. And on April 6, American space pioneer John Glenn was laid to rest.

In their own route, Musk and Glenn each represent the hopes and nightmares of those who delight in the idea of mankind leaving the bounds of Earth and exploring the solar system and, ultimately, the stars.

Over the past 50 times, we’ve ascertained humen first orbit the globe and then stroll on the moon. We were gripped b the fictional journeys of the Starship Enterprise, which explored the galaxy, encountering new life and new civilizations. Popcorn in hand, we watched Matt Damon struggle to survive in “The Martian.”

These robots could help NASA find alien life