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A shiny new iPhone is expected on the machines 10 th anniversarybut a new report suggestions there could be waits.

One of the features expected in the upcoming iPhone 8 is a fingerprint sensor placed under the phone’s glass exterior. The make would be an even sleeker, seamless intend and, presumably, more space for the iPhone’s display.

However, according to a new Pacific Crest Securities analyst report, surfaced by Investor’s Business Daily , the virtual home button may be giving Apple component partners hassle. Because of this, there are now concerns that the feature may cause a slow or be eliminated so Apple’s device launches on time.

Say goodbye to the home button?

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“The anticipated move to a full-screen OLED panel in the coming iPhone 8/ X eliminates the physical home button, which necessitates a move to a virtual home button and an optical fingerprint sensing solution to read fingerprints through the OLED panel, ” the report, liberated Sunday, states.

“At this level, we do not belief Apple’s optical fingerprint module provider has firm orders for production, which suggests Apple does not have functionality of the optical fingerprint sensor ready. Additionally, we belief Apple has evaluated Synaptic’s( SYNA) optical fingerprint solution, but that it has not been qualified.”

Of course, as usual, any and all iPhone rumors( especially this far out from release) should be taken with a healthy dosage of skepticism. Apple always has a few astonishes up its sleeve, and hardly ever corroborates or denies iPhone rumors, whether they’re positive or negative.

Nevertheless, the Pacific Crest Securities analyst note also alerts, “While this creates some risk of production waits, at this level we do not believe it materially threatens volume through the coming iPhone cycle.”

This is just the latest iPhone 8 rumor hinting at a possible slow, with previous rumors mentioning possible issues with the device’s OLED panels and a separate 3D-sensing system.

Apple’s new iPhone is expected to be revealed in September.

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