Apple may have a car up its sleeve after all .

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Looks like Apple’s eventually stepping on the gas. We’ve now got confirmation that Apple’s gearing up to make a big move in the automobile industry.

Cupertino’s been granted a permit to test self-driving autoes in California, according to DMV records. The permit, first reported by Business Insider , follows months of rumors about Apple’s efforts to build a car.

Apple’s exact programmes in the space aren’t yet clear, but as of Friday, April 14 th, Apple’s holding a permit to test three self-driving Lexus RX5 40 h SUVs, according to the California DMV. The nation involves carmakers and others to apply for permits before they can test self driving vehicles travelling along nation roadsremember Uber’s squabble with the DMV over permits late last year?

While Apple was once thought to be working on its own car, there are plenty of people who now is argued that the company’s focusing on the software for autonomous vehicles, instead of, say, the iCar, or whatever they’d call it.

When reached for statement by Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal , Apple aimed everyone to a letter it mailed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration( NHTSA) last year. In it, the company wrote that it’s “investing heavily in its further consideration of machine learning and automation” and is also “excited about the opportunities offered by automated systems in many areas, including transportation.”

In other terms: Basically, yeah, we’re get into the car biz. And now we know how they’re going to start going about doing it. And now California residents also know: If you understand a Lexus RX5 40 h SUV with a suspiciously casual appearing motorist at the wheel, by all means, take out that iPhone, snap away, and for the adoration of divinity, get in touch .

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