Elon Musk just let us know when well get a look at the electric semi truck that hes taunted in the past: The Tesla transport vehicle will be revealed in September, the CEO said on Twitter on Thursday , noting that the team has done an amazing chore and that the vehicle is seriously next level.

Plans at Tesla for an electric semi truck have been in the works for a while now: The vehicle was first mentioned back in July of 2016, when Musk exposed portion 2 of his fabled master plan for his electric vehicle company. The Tesla Semi, as Musk called it, is designed to help reduce the costs of shipment transportation, and improve safety for motorists, according to the CEO at the time.

Teslas not the only company targeting electric drivetrains for transport vehicles; Nikola exposed its One vehicle last year, too, though thats a hybrid that also applies compressed natural gas in addition to its electric battery.

Teslas goal overall is to expand to cover the major forms of terrestrial shipping, according to Musks master plan, and the transport truck is part of this objective. It addresses commercial goods transportation, which represents a significant portion of the commercial shipping marketplace; Musk has also taunted that the company will eventually expose a shuttle bus-type of vehicle that will address the other major aspect of that market.

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