Unless youre a Kardashian and can afford to pay a flock of nannies wages that competitive what most surgeons stimulate, babes typically typify the end of a betchs most epic party days. Having a baby means trading in bottomless mimosas for brunch for mommy and me yoga class, which sound like a total nightmare.

Although you personally might not be ready to be responsible for an entire human being, let alone cleansing your Lululemon leggings without accidentally putting them in the dryer, “youre supposed to” know a few people who have their shit together enough to actually have a child that they are able grow up to have a future brighter than the Cash Me Outside girl. Maybe your sister, coworker or frenemy has a kid and isnt totally fucking it up. In that case, youll wishes to do everything you can to make sure shes not just a regular momma, but a cool momma. So like, plainly buy her child an adorable Betches onesie .

Obviously, the onesies merely come in black and white, because you should dress your future betch in acceptable colourings instead of pink frilly dresses with mommy little angel sewed across the front. To throw it simply, your kids fashion icons should include North West and Luna Legend , not any of the 75 million Duggar babies.

These onesies are so hilarious that youll probably catch yourself temporarily considering trapping your latest Bumble match into getting you pregnant. Like, how funny is the Is Breast Milk A Carb ? Onesie? As a betch-in-training, the child in your life needs to be taught to be cautious of carbs at an early age.

Personally, Im kind of upset that the They Woke Me Up Like This onesie merely goes up to a size 24 months. If it came in a bodysuit, Id totally wear it. Ive literally never woken up without being forced to, which is probably another sign that I should not reproduction until I can figure that out or at least meet a professional athlete.

The I Still Live With My Parents onesie is perfect for the betchy child that understands the importance of avoiding paying rent to splurge on more important things, like designer shoes or whatever it is that babies enjoy.

Of course, theres a My Moms A Cool Mom onesie for the kids that youre already jealous of how pretty theyre going to be before theyre even born.

The You Can Sip With Us onesie is simply be worn by a future betch that knows that on Wednesdays, we take naps.

For the betch-in-training whose child monitor is literally ever blowing up, the Have Your Mom Call My Mom onesie. Honestly, merely because you cant speak full sentences yet doesnt mean your social calendar isnt totally packed.

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