The Note 8 “ve got a lot” to prove as a follow up to the Note 7( pictured ).

Image: brittany herbert/ mashable

Samsung only just depicted off its sleek new Galaxy S8 last week and the phone won’t even get to the public until it starts shipping on April 21 but that hasn’t stopped Samsung’s fanatics from focusing on the company’s next move.

That’s in no small-scale portion due to exactly what it is we’re expecting from Samsung: the followup to the most infamous smartphone of all time: the explosive Galaxy Note 7( which is now being persona phone grata during the S8 proclamation ).

Now, we might actually be getting an early look at its successor. A new image was posted to Slashleaks , claiming to be some version of the Galaxy Note 8.

The photo was shared without any other product specs or context, casting some doubt on its legitimacy.

Is this the Galaxy Note 8?

Image: slashleaks

Let’s just come right out and say it: This doesn’t appear much different than the S8.

The S Pen lined up next to the phone gives it some Note vibes, sure, but without getting a good look at the bottom of the machine to check if there’s a slot for the Pen, there’s no way is to determine whether it’s actually a Note prototype, or only an S8+ posing with the Note’s key peripheral.

The phone pictured does appear to conform to what’s described in earlier leaked specs, thoughbut again, we can’t insure much from only this front-facing pic. And about those predictions? They call for a Note 8 with a 6.4 -inch Super AMOLED display, attaining it only a little bit bigger than the 6.2 -inch S8 +, along with a Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 9000 -series processor, 6GB of RAM, and up to 256 GB of built-in storage.

Oh, and Samsung’s already calling the Note 8 “great” internally, if only to harness the power of positive thinking.

We have no way of knowing how legit this image is until the Note 8 is exposed, which we’re expecting should be before the end of 2017. This pic is not possible to the real dealbut it’s only the first. There’s sure to be more where this one came from as Samsung rises up from the ashes of the Note 7.

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