The Samsung Galaxy S8 was officially revealed last week to glowing first impressions, and its easy to understand why. It has agorgeous infinity showing, impressive internals, and a tried-and-true camera. But one of the biggest questions coming out the launch is whether you’ll need to cover this beautifulall-glass phone with a case.

We now have the answer thanks to YouTuber TechRax, who posted one of the internet’s first Galaxy S8 drop test videos Tuesday.

You’ll want to save up another $20 for the S8 after watching this video.

As you can see, the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7( oh look, its even that red color everyone is hating on) both survive a fell on their sides from five feet.

The iPhone got the worst of round one. It reached the concrete on one of its corners and landed on its screen, while the Galaxy S8 bounced off one of its corners and onto its back. Both devices had some dents and discolorationbut held up amazingly well.

Drop two, however, did both flagship simulates in. TechRax again dropped both phones from five feet, but this timeon their screens. And again, the iPhone stayed the landing while the Galaxy did its best to protect itself, landing primarily on its side.

Both screens shattered on impact. The Galaxy S8 was still operational after its second fall, while the iPhone would no longer turn on.

This is just the first of what is sure to be many torturing tests of the Galaxy S8. We predict they will all lead to the same advice: buy a suit.

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