Tesla’s newest software update might stimulate Easter egg hunting a lot easier .

Image: Spencer Platt/ Getty Images

The Easter Bunny has a gift for Tesla owneds: an easy way to find Easter eggs hidden in the electric car’s interface.

That’s at least what Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at with a tweet Friday.

He mentioned a “feature” was coming soon that would bring “one touch access” to all the discovered gems( no word yet on what that “discovered” caveat signifies are there even more Easter eggs ?!) Alongside his coy message, Musk shared a illustration that included a sketch pad, a Christmas ornament, and a planet labeled “Mars.” These all refer to known features hidden in the car’s software.

Just last week Musk showed us how to transform the car’s touchscreen console into a sketch pad( really simply an old-school version of Microsoft Paint) to draw farting unicorns and the like.

Earlier hidden gems included being able to turn your auto into a Christmas light show with flapping doors and fill your car’s dashboard screen with a Mars landscape.

But there was also an Easter egg icon, and that coupled with Musk’s sneaky “discovered” language, constructs us think there are more fun features to go. Happy egg hunting!

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